World Traveler

We are all travelers. Some more some less.
I could, but I don’t have huge house. World is my home and I love it that way.  There are many different travelers – I am the one who loves to explore and discover mysterious places with people I love and such journeys become everlasting memories. Material things come and go, but our traveling experiences will stay with us until…  exactly, you got it.
On this page, my intention is not to brag, but to share places I have been to that may inspire you to visit, as well.  I have visited about 35-40 countries and traveled 5 out of 7 continents. One time together as a family we traveled for 9 months around the world. See some of our videos further down on this page. 
Giza, Egypt
Giza, Egypt

In reality, People don’t take trips, trips take people.

Here are several destinations that I loved which really stand out and are worth visiting. If you are in the area, don’t miss them, provided it spikes your interest based on what type of traveler you are.

Rice Fields in Bali, Indonesia

Rice Fields, Bali, Indonesia

Sometimes I feel that I am working so hard and I say oh man I am so tired, but visiting rice fields in Indonesia on this Bali island changed my thinking of the word tired. When I realized how hard these mature (really old) ladies are working in the rice fields from morning to evening then I promised myself I will be very careful when I say I am tired. Also, I totally have different view when eating rice after I've seen how much effort these ladies put to harvest handful of rice.
Besides rice fields, Bali is truly beautiful spot on this planet! Nowhere else, that I've seen vegetation like this. Probably second best place would be Hawaii, but Bali certainly stole my heart with their people and climate / vegetation.

sheik zayed grand mosque in abu dhabi, Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Traveling around the world I have seen at least 300 different mosques and entered at least 30, but this is truly unique. Besides, that this mosque is big it is truly spectacular from it's architecture and ambient. When visiting put aside 3-4 hours and ideally you want to visit this mosque in the afternoon during the day and then wait and see this mosque (as on this photo) in the golden hour and evening when the lights are on. You won't regret.

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake, AB, Canada

On the Alberta's side of the border between British Columbia, deep in Rocky Mountains you will find several glacier lakes. One of them is well known lake Louise. Don't stop exploring. Keep going, keep looking and you will find this fascinating lake called Moraine Lake. Accessible only for several months due to snow and tough winter conditions, but so worth preparing and visiting. So nice I didn't want to leave. Finally Gyula dragged me away from this place, but I promised myself I will come back.

Pilanesberg, South Africa


Less than two hours north of Johannesburg, South Africa you will find this national park called Pilanesberg - mountains and open wilderness where you can find BIG 5 - Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos and buffalo in the wild. Totally different experience than visiting local zoo. If you visit this part of the world and if you love nature, then Pilanesberg is absolute must.

Diamond Head Crater, Hawaii


In less than two hours away from Honolulu at normal pace one can hike to the top of the crater called Diamond Head (ancient volcanic crater). Beautiful view on the ocean and downtown Honolulu as seen on this photo behind me. Hawaii by itself is the nicest place in the world and this mountain makes it even more magic. Can't wait to go back.

Water Market, Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is the most visited city in the world. It is trade hub and also hot touristic destination. One of the really cool things in Bangkok is water market about 1 hour drive from the downtown. Nothing spectacular to buy except for souvenirs, but if you know me at all you know that I am all about experience and that's what this place is about. Very unique. Lovely people. Great place for people watching and realizing what we have in western countries. Peak into my video below while we were staying in Thailand.

Downtown Chicago, IL, USA


So many high rise buildings in such a small place along Chicago River. If you want to see them really well then see them from the water (from the Chicago River) or try helicopter tour. About 3 Million people live in these high rise buildings is certainly unique. Some countries don't have such population. One of the most popular building is Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower that may be more familiar). US is huge country but if you are visiting US I would highly suggest to visit Chicago and see this place (even if you prefer nature). I guarantee, Chicago downtown will leave you in awe.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


If you want to literally swim in the clouds then Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore will give you that experience and it is worth it. Worth to travel there just for that experience alone - to swim at the rooftop that is over 200m (55 stories building) tall and overlooking Singapore downtown. Magic.

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA


I could sit here for hours... scenic view is breathtaking especially during sunrises and sunsets. If you catch it during the golden hours on a clear day, those views will stay with you forever. Worth while visiting - easiest from Phoenix or Las Vegas. I was lucky to walk around the north rim, but next thing on the list is 3 day hike down the canyon.

Sand Dunes, Dubai, UAE


You may think visiting desert is dangerous and boring - both true, but experiencing this in Dubai - totally different story. But what if you - go for safari dune rides, traditional dinner in the evening with friends watching some belly dancers, ride camels and catch some cool sunsets ~ exactly ~ totally different. Everything in Dubai is extra. Check my video below for a full experience.

Lviv, Ukraine


This is like hidden gem - well known as "Little Paris" of eastern Europe, for a reason. I might be biased because of my Ukrainian roots, but this place is something special. Cobblestones everywhere. Cafes. Restaurants. Food. Drinks. The whole package. You will find high end everything at low price. City needs a facelift, but at the same time that makes Lviv even more unique. Real deal.

Sedona, AZ, USA


The whole Sedona is spectacular - like no other place on earth. This particular place is Devil's Bridge which takes about 2 hours medium hike to reach and experience. You will be surrounded with Red Rocks all around - photography heaven. Come early and stay late to capture some picture perfect memories. Just about 2 hours north of Phoenix, worth every minute driving back and forth. Yes, that's me jumping on the bridge.

Tallinn, Estonia


As you can realize by now I have traveled to many places, but never seen more medieval place than Tallinn. After being burnt many times, 'city mayor' in 14th century decided to surround and build the whole city with stones, which stands til today. If you love stone, history and that medieval "Game of Thrones" look and feel then you will fall in love with Tallinn. Not on the way where ever you go, but worth while going extra mile to witness this corner of the globe.

Literally Around The World

I think everyone would like to travel the world. Not a small decision especially together as a family. When you are 18 without obligations, grab a backpack and go. But once you have family/kids, it is about grabbing the opportunity when it shows up. Waiting for perfect opportunity is waste of time. When kids are small they will not remember. When kids are big they may not want to travel with parents for extended period of time. Our boys were 9 and 11 when I proposed this idea. To travel for one year around the world. My wife Olivera said that I am literally crazy, but as always supported my ideas and we negotiated & agreed on 9 months journey around the world.

We started with Phoenix, AZ; then popular for a reason Hawaii, followed by Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, then exotic Phuket Island in Thailand, stopping in most visited city in the world for a week – Bangkok and continued around through 24 countries. Experience that is hard to describe in text or words. So, I recorded one video every week, here are top 10 if you are interested to check them out.

Our next major journey is a road trip across Canada, hopefully sooner rather than later.