Proud Father & Husband

I am very proud dad of two amazing boys. Both teenagers now. Being father gives me great pleasure to challenge them and be around them as they are growing up. It is not easy to be great father. It takes time, takes learning and patience. I don’t know about you, but these are my first kids so I don’t have prior experience. Plus, my father got sick in his early age and he passed away when I was 12 years old. No, don’t pity me, for me – that’s normal, because I don’t know any different. However, I learned my lesson to take good care of my health and do my best to avoid getting sick by practicing living healthy and active lifestyle. Nothing is guaranteed, but we can do our best and if things don’t go the way we wanted then we won’t be sorry, because we already tried our best. This aligns with one of my personal life philosophies that you may find somewhere on another page or in a book that I will write in the future.

Being great father almost automatically makes you great husband. I won’t share much more, gotta keep few things private. All I will say is that I love my beautiful wife.