How to Earn Free Travels with Forever Living Products

First Become Manager in Forever Living and then…


Ever wonder how some people enjoy traveling almost all the time!

PLUS, not sure if you know but some people get awarded free trips. In this video I share how we travel with this company that awards trip to anyone who qualifies. One type of these unique, exclusive trips is called Global Rally and another usually tropic and exotic trip is called Eagle Manager Retreat.

Those who work with this company called Forever Living Products can earn two of such trips every year. We have been blessed and also worked hard to qualify for about 15 – 20 trips within last 14 years. Take a look at this video where I share how we have done this, what it takes, but most importantly what are top of my favorite destinations we have traveled to. 

More detailed tour from our trip to Dubai which was partially from our trip around the world but also part from the Global Rally in Dubai.

Would love to hear what destinations you have traveled to and what kind of trips do you like the most.

Feel free to leave a comment below.

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