When You Get Tired Take a Break, but do not quit

We all get into situation when we are fed up, things are not working in our favour, plans get ruined, challenges become big and we feel like quitting! But, that should never, ever, ever be an option. So, how to handle tough situations when quitting comes across our mind?  Well, take a Break! 

Exactly, take a break, but do not quit – that’s the message of this post and if you came here with quitting in your mind – don’t quit! Your company is great. Your products are great. Situation will become better and you will be so glad you did not quit. So, don’t quit.

I was in a situation to quit few times as well, but didn’t and so glad I didn’t because I would certainly not be here where I am. Also, in the last few weeks working on different projects (outside my business) I got mentally and physically tired and from that I got tired. So, I decided to take a short 2 weeks trip to Europe, visit my mom and sister and recharge.
(See few photos at the bottom of the page, from the trip)
One of the best things I did in a long time. Now I feel recharged and just as I came back wanted to make this post to help others, in case they want to quit. Again, I will repeat, don’t quit, take a break instead.

Would love to hear your opinion about it. Feel free to leave me a comment below with any questions you may have about your experience in quitting Network Marketing?!

Babići (near Kamičani)
Kastel (Custle in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, BiH)
Sunflowers in Kamičani
My home in Kamičani where I grew up

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