Healthy Food, Healthy Mind, Good Business

Many of us don’t understand how healthy food, turns into healthy body which turns into healthy business mind. How much can you do when you are sick, so I wanted to share a quick shake that will get you going in the morning.

Just finished making this protein shake (and video 🎥) and thought I would share it here as well. Very simple, only Mango 🍈, Coconut 🥥 milk and Forever Lite protein shake.
In regards to Forever Lite (Protein powder) – this is really nice because it provides our body with daily nutrition we need but without carbs – totally cool 😎.

To order Forever Lite in Canada follow this link:

To order Forever Lite Ultra Chocolate Flavor in USA click here:

Other countries:

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Would love to hear if you tried this simple, delicious and healthy shake and if so leave a comment below how did you like it. 

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