Understanding Forever Living Autointerview

What you must know before joining Forever Living – Questions and Answers Autointerview

Welcome to this special and unique self interview – Oliver Interviewing Oliver and asking/answering 10 questions that everyone needs to know before seriously considering Forever Living Products company for business.
This Autointerview (Selfinterview) answers pretty much all you need to know before joining Forever Living Business. Explained by Oliver Lepki who has been with Forever Living for 15 years and answers questions as they are without sugar coating. You will have these kind of questions and answers and more:
► Who is Forever Living?
► How do you make sales?
► Do I have to buy products every month?
► Do you offer training and how much does it cost any money?
► Realistically, how much money can I make with Forever?
► How much does it cost to join, to start the business with Forever?
…and few other questions and answers. So, watch it here:

To Join Forever Living use one of the links below according to your location:

Here is one example of a complete question and answer:


Do I have to buy products every month?

Not at all, but if you are serious about this business you probably will end up buying on monthly basis because you will want to use them; why wouldn’t you use great natural high quality products at great price and when you sell them you earn profit. I know some companies make you buy products every month to remain at certain level. However, Forever Living encourages you NOT to buy more products unless you need them for yourself and if you already sold 80% of your products.

For other questions and answers watch the video on this page or on the YouTube.


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